Brother Ben X Combines A Spiritual Element Into His Business. This Is What Has Made Him Successful

Brother Ben X Combines A Spiritual Element Into His Business. This Is What Has Made Him Successful

Brother Ben X had a rough start to his life. He was born in prison and was given to his mother’s cousin. He only saw his biological father once and not under the best circumstances. Despite this difficulty and rough start to life, he was able to make the most of his life.

“I was born in prison. 6 days later I was picked up by my biological mother’s cousin who I call mama now and I’ve been with her ever since. I recall seeing my biological mother one time and the only time. I’ve seen my biological father in person in his casket at his funeral. I also have 21 biological brothers and sisters and only know of 6 of them. 4 of them I’m close to and communicate with the other 2 I only met at my biological father’s funeral. I’m grateful for  how my life turned out and I still thank my biological parents for being the vehicle in which I got here. I grew up playing basketball, I actually thought I was going to play professional basketball. I was even an All-American basketball player in college ranked #15 in the Nation at the time,” Brother Ben recounts.

He was an entrepreneur at a young age with the help of others in his life. He was helped by his mom to begin this journey. From there, his career continued to move into that entrepreneurial direction. He runs a lot of digital programs that he collaborates with his partner, Jake Tayler Jacobs, on.

I started my entrepreneur journey by my mom Adrienne Hill ordering my snacks and drinks in bulk from Sam’s Club and I would flip them at school for a profit. At a young age, I never liked getting up early in the morning going to a place I didn’t like so I told myself I would not go to school to get an education just to live a similar lifestyle. I run a financial institute with my business partner Jake Tayler Jacobs where we show people how to build, run and scale Digital/social media businesses online with my Digital Real Estate program. I’m also a social media influencer with over 1 million followers and over 500M views so I also have a personal brand that I run as well that provides knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the people,” Brother Ben remarks.

Brother Ben went from dropping out of college and struggling to make ends meet to a successful businessman. What inspired him to get into the industry were the number of people who were looking to him for advice and wanting to learn more about how he was able to be so successful.

“What inspired me to get into this industry was the amount of people that began asking me for guidance. Thousands of people literally have seen me go from dropping out of college, quit my jobs, grow my influence and become a successful business man. I’ve seen hundreds of youtube videos and I’ve sacrificed to purchase several courses and many of them just didn’t speak to me. They taught good skills and were enlightening but it didn’t connect with me on a deep level. That’s what I wanted to do for my community. We’ve been through so much not just physically, but mentally, so in my courses and books I add spirituality and mental healing along with the financial to help give a full awakening. Dealing with the external without dealing with the internal leaves us still broken,” Brother Ben says.

His next projects include helping students with getting access to private labels in their digital products. This will be a holistic program that provides all kinds of tools for them, not just the basics.

“Our next projects for this year is to launch a branch in our business that allows our students to private label our digital products. Using the knowledge, wisdom and understanding we’ve acquired and applied to empower our community with products they can sell to change their life not only by reading and applying it, but having the access to resell it themselves to make a profit. This will include not only courses and programs, but books we write as well,” Brother Ben states.

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