Creator Of Journeys And Memories For A Lift Time: Erika Garcia Wants To Help You Know The Wonders Of Mexico

Creator Of Journeys And Memories For A Lift Time: Erika Garcia Wants To Help You Know The Wonders Of Mexico

Right now, traveling the world is more complicated than usual. However, the person who has remained ready through it all is Erika Garcia who is here to help travelers enjoy the beauty of Mexico through her incredible travel business based on showing people beauty and happiness through journeys through Mexico.

“We discovered in the last 18 years of serving more than 300,000 families coming to our beautiful country Mexico. We discovered that we’re not offering a holiday, we’re selling happiness. The joy and meaning that each family, couple and person that came from any other brands historically had a unique story. Everyone was trying to get back some kind of connection with themselves, their families, and nature at the same time that they were meeting the need of exploring a new country, yet being very close. We have discovered that the reason behind people taking holidays is the feeling of not being good enough, that life is not necessarily always outside themselves. Life happens in moments and those moments have to be created in a memorable way. We control the experience from the beginning to the end, we are not brokers, not a travel agency, or a tour company. We are owners of the experience reaching directly to consumers via happiness in a card. That happiness contains access to a destination that is the first and safest destination in the world and the card is your ticket that gives you the right to reserve whatever you want. Our card is the perfect gift to recognize someone’s effort, we offer a digital and physical version,” Erika exclaims.

Erika describes her work life not as a transactional sort of business, but rather one dedicated to the people who come to enjoy the experiences she provides. She focuses on giving them the best opportunity to explore and does things first hand so that she can be in charge of providing happiness to her visitors.

“I run a  people business; a business of peoples dreams and wants. People remember their fears and want to overcome them and they have the power to do that. We are in the business of people serving people. We are in a business where we are proud of our roots, our mexican hospitality and transmitting that through a holiday in a card. I realized that the people that risked the investments and the business did not really control the outcome of knowing how many people were going to be in the resorts. They depended on third parties, so I decided we could go direct,” Erika remarks.

Despite her passion and love for people, her business has not been without bumps. She found that her biggest obstacle was not being able to conduct her business in person. This dramatically changed her plan and she was unable to guide people like she had before. However, before Covid even hit, her own stopping block was herself.

“We have to get past ourselves, it is not the situation or circumstance, life happens for me. So, the biggest obstacle is always myself, now more than ever it is necessary to invest in yourself. Health is the new wealth. My wish for humanity and myself is that I play from an emotional abundance from love and that I am living with joy and sharing,” Erika comments.

Erika is ready and waiting with her business. She has many new and exciting projects coming up this year.

“My next projects are creating a platform so I can inspire both men and women to be themselves, go for their dreams and create businesses. From a woman’s point of view I want to send a message to latino women that they do not have to ask permission to go for their dreams, they have the right to abundance and love. No one is going to provide anything for them, they have to create it from within. I am focused on helping reactivate the Mexican carribean, we are very proud of what we do. We are the first destination to have safe travels. I want people to realize the importance of holidays. For my business, my next project is to take my cancun card and expand the vision so that people will realize that they can purchase and have a cancun card in their house. I want them to know that the power of happiness and paradise is also in a card,” Erika states.

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