“How to Lose Weight PERMANENTLY in 2022 with Self Made Entrepreneur and Body Shred Specialist James Jiang”

“How to Lose Weight PERMANENTLY in 2022 with Self Made Entrepreneur and Body Shred Specialist James Jiang”

Meet James Jiang, CEO of Boundless Fitness, a coaching business specializing in long term sustainable fat-loss. With obesity rates surging in America, James is addressing an alarming issue through Boundless Fitness, where his team provides coaching for men/women customizing online programs to meet their specific fitness goals and needs. They deliver everything from sustainable diet approaches, realistic yet effective workout plans and next level accountability systems. 

James came from humble beginnings. Growing up in Denville, New Jersey. He worked under the wing of his parents, who immigrated from China to provide him a better life and open him up to more opportunities. Since the age of 13, James helped his parents with their restaurant business, while building up his own legacy. From one part time job to another, and after graduating high school, he set himself up for bigger things. Unlike his family who attended universities such as NYU, USC, Harvard and Princeton, James knew that school was not for him. James always had his mind set on impacting the world and monetizing what he truly loved- Fitness. 

Despite the backlash he received from his family from first launching his business in 2018, he utilized that negativity and turned it into positive outcomes.To this day, as a 25 year old Body Shred Specialist, James continues to help men and women all around the world lose weight, decrease body fat and get into the best shape of their lives. James has single handedly changed over 1200 lives from the time he launched his business and successfully turned his passion into a profession.

Thanks to recent successes, the Boundless Fitness community is strong and the circle is tight. The main reason why James’s empire is successful is because of their focus on the long-term sustainability of their clients’ results rather than the quick fixes and gimmicks the fitness industry promotes. This is what most “trainers and coaches” don’t focus on. James is taking a completely different approach to fat-loss, one that the world has never seen before.

“I mean honestly, what’s the point of losing 30 lbs if you can’t trust yourself around cookies? What’s the point of losing 50lbs just to gain it all back 3 months later? 

“We don’t spend hours on the treadmill, we don’t take useless supplements that the industry sucks people dry for. We use real life science and methodologies so that once our clients complete our program, they won’t ever need to hire another coach ever again.” Said James. 

So you may be thinking….how does James exactly get his clients into amazing shape without the harsh diets, endless amounts of supplements and spending hours in the gym? 

James reveals his 3 super simple fat melting tips that you can start to implement TODAY and begin losing fat!

  1. Eating in a Calorie Deficit 

-Most people believe that eating “healthy” is the key to losing body fat and building a lean, toned physique. While I will agree that consuming a variety of nutrient dense foods is important for the longevity of the human body, eating “healthy” isn’t always necessary for fat loss. But Burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis is the true determining factor. 

Put it this way, you could consume 3000 cal worth of lettuce or you can consume 1500 cal worth of cheeseburgers and wine, 3000 is still a larger number than 1500 any day of the week. Therefore, it’s all about energy balance and calories in vs. calories out. Once you have nailed that down, your fat-loss journey becomes much more enjoyable and sustainable. The first step to figuring out how many calories you should be taking in a day – is by visiting caloriecalculator.net and inputting basic information about yourself to attain the data. 

  1. Incorporate strength training into your weekly routine

Most people believe that cardio is the best way to lose fat. Well scientifically speaking, that is actually false. You see, when you are doing cardio you might be burning more calories than a typical weight training session. However, the real long term fat-burning effects come down to what goes on AFTER the workout has been done. When you strength train, your body continues to burn calories even when the workout is over. 

This is due to a rise of “EPOC” levels which stands for “Excess Post Oxygen Consumption” so this means that when you’re driving home from the gym, when you’re sitting down reading a book, when you’re binge watching your favorite Netflix series at night, and when you’re cooking dinner for your family, your body continuously burns calories on its own! 

In addition, strength training builds lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass an individual has on their body, the more calories they are able to burn at a resting state. Cardio doesn’t build lean muscle mass in any way shape or form. So if you’re looking for a tight and toned sexy physique, I would highly recommend strength training at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

  1. Have An Accountability and Support System 

This is often overlooked yet so important. You see when it comes down to achieving success in reaching the body of your dreams, it’s way more than just an awesome workout plan or a really effective nutrition protocol, but it comes down to consistency and discipline. An example I always like to use is, “you can have the best workout plan and or diet plan in the world but if you constantly fall off the wagon every 4 weeks and fail to stick to a regimen long term, you will forever be on this rollercoaster ride of inconsistent results”.

So this is where having a great community and or a reputable Coach comes into play. The saying goes “who you surround yourself with is ultimately who you become” if you want to lose 30 pounds and get into the best shape of your life, you’re not going to surround yourself with a group of people that are unambitious, lazy and eat like shit all the time. 

Same thing goes for if you want to become a millionaire, you’re not going to surround yourself with 5 people that are unambitious, lazy and unwilling to improve upon their financial situation. 

One of the most catastrophic traits one can have is thinking they know it all and thinking that they don’t need professional help or a strong support system. Even the best of the best athletes in the world all have coaches and great teammates around them for a reason. It’s truly a vital part to success.

Currently, James and his team are launching the Body Breakthrough Blueprint 2.0, an advanced and comprehensive version of their current life changing program. Also, James recently launched his brand new Body Shred Accelerator course which is a DIY course that teaches men/women the ins and outs of how to kick start their fat-loss journey. 

As a successful self made entrepreneur, James will continue to brainstorm and materialize several other business ventures with his close network of entrepreneurs to provide a bigger and more substantial impact on the world.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out their website for more information!