How To Run A Groundbreaking Business: Meet Danny Bae, Founder Of The Worldwide VR Company, Global Platform Solution

How To Run A Groundbreaking Business: Meet Danny Bae, Founder Of The Worldwide VR Company, Global Platform Solution

It’s surprising Danny Bae isn’t one to talk about himself, considering the laundry list of accomplishments he has to choose from. With over 20 years’ experience with direct sales, both on the sales side and the internal corporate side, he’s generated over a billion dollars in revenue and acquired millions of customers worldwide, working in sales, marketing, international expansion, business development and leadership development. But Danny isn’t slowing down. In fact, he’s just getting started. 

After spending almost two decades helping other companies grow, he decided to turn the tables and launch his own company, Global Platform Solution (GPS), in late 2019 – and what would become the culmination of a vision over two decades in the making. That vision consisted of creating an innovative company unlike any other in the market, a company that would truly be at the forefront of technology – technology that perhaps wasn’t even invented yet. But most importantly, Danny wanted to create a company that puts culture and its people first – in good times and in bad. 

“So many companies talk about it,” Danny said. “But we are living it every day and in every decision we make. I’ve witnessed and been the victim of so many ‘over promise, under deliver’ situations, and I know how that feels. Instead, we’re building GPS for the people; not using people for the business.”

GPS operates in the US, Korea, and Japan. GPS seeks to transform the way people communicate, learn, grow and experience life through our groundbreaking VR and AR technology while empowering people to participate in a new commerce that’s growing at a rate of 30 times over. 

“Through our innovative yet proven business model, known as direct selling, GPS provides individuals an opportunity to build a home-based business by marketing the VR device and content subscription. By joining GPS as a distributor, or an Influencer as we call our salesforce, individuals can unlock a robust commission and bonus structure not found in traditional business,” Danny says. 

After their launch in June of last year, GPS quickly shot to the top of the marketplace as the top VR headset direct selling distributor. On the shoulders of that success, Danny has led GPS to launching the world’s first VR personal development platform featuring over 840 master academy classes and 200 entertainment options, as well as a series of eCommerce products. 

“Virtual Reality is the core of our business. Our goal is to provide VR technology for everyday living – technology that would ultimately allow consumers to purchase products and services utilizing VR and AR, or Augmented Reality, technology. It’s our vision that consumers will be able to experience every product in a new way thanks to VR, AR and GPS,” Danny outlines. 

In the coming year, Danny has everything to look forward to. His company is preparing to launch the MOLED G, the world’s first Micro OLED Glass, which was developed by TCL and will be available exclusively from GPS in Spring 2021. 

“The MOLED G from TCL will take both reality and virtual reality to new dimensions. It features a 1090p Full HD display developed by SONY and gives wearers the feel of a 100-inch screen yet fits in the palm of their hand. And Virtual Reality has never seen a headset quite like this – it’s sleek and lightweight – like a pair of fashionable, high-end sunglasses, yet provides a completely immersive viewing experience,” Danny explains.

Because the MOLED G is powered by the TCL 10 Plus smartphone, it’s able to be lightweight while remaining powerful and taking advantage of the smartphone’s NXTVISION curved AMOLED display.

“The phone’s curved display, combined with 5 cameras, stunning video quality and a smooth rounded design, makes the TCL 10 Plus unlike any other phone on the market,” Danny explains. 

Danny’s motivation and hustle is clear in his process to bring this technology to market. GPS will be the only company to offer this technology solely because Danny saw the potential and fought for it. 

“TCL originally developed this technology as a concept model, something they might build in the future. However, after seeing this technology, I knew its time had come, and I knew GPS was the company to bring it to the market. TCL agreed,” Danny recalls. 

GPS and all they offer, as well as their pending launch of the MOLED G, can be found at their website. Danny is also on Instagram