Learn More About Rosangelica Medina Barroeta, The Venezuelan Writer And Entrepreneur Leading A Multilevel Company And Working On A Second Book To Follow Up A Best Seller

Learn More About Rosangelica Medina Barroeta, The Venezuelan Writer And Entrepreneur Leading A Multilevel Company And Working On A Second Book To Follow Up A Best Seller

Everyone has the ability to overcome obstacles no matter how difficult they may be. Besides that, from every negative experience you can get something positive, which may not be visible at the time.

Rosangelica Medina Barroeta is a Venezuelan, mother of two beautiful girls–Isabela and Alaia–and writer and entrepreneur. Today, she works in a multilevel company called Monat.

For her it all started when she was very young and developed great love for writing after starting to write stories, poems, and even love letters. This passion would later help her overcome an eating disorder.

When I was 19 years old, I lived through a series of events that unbalanced my life and to fill the void I had, I opened the doors to the disease. Excessive physical exercise, a poor diet and the use of pills and injections to lose weight, consumed me until I was practically on the verge of death. Standing in front of a large mirror I had in my room, I suffered a breakdown and made a personal decision to go ahead and overcome the ghosts of the disease. At that moment in front of the mirror I felt the presence of God, urging me to undertake a personal battle that ended with my complete recovery.” Rosangelica recounts.

Using her passion for writing while she was in the process of recovery, she wrote her story “Beyond the Mirror,” which became a bestseller on Amazon after selling an incredible 3,000 copies in just nine hours.

There comes a time when people feel the need to be fulfilled. In Rosangelica’s case, she started Monat, a multilevel company in November 2019, because she was looking for freedom, independence and personal growth.

I was a housewife and my husband supported me. While he worked I was at home with my two daughters, I was a full time mom and I dedicated myself to them and the house. But there came a time when I wanted to do something for myself, I wanted to grow economically, I wanted to do something besides being a mom, I wanted to feel fulfilled as a woman. But above all I wanted independence. They told me about a business opportunity, Monat, a marketing network. When they offered it to me, I didn’t hesitate. I had nothing to lose, so I gave myself the opportunity to do business for the first time.” Rosangelica says.

Rosangelica advises people who are going to start their own business or brand to believe in themselves even though at the beginning they may feel lost or have fears.

Many times the people around you will not believe in you, many will call you crazy, many will want to keep you away from your dreams, however it will all be worth it, so do not give up, no start is easy, you will not see results overnight, but it will be worth paying the price for your dreams and your purpose. Don’t hesitate, give yourself time, live the process.” She says.

Additionally, after years of experience, Rosangelica understands that success is not about having a lot of money or material goods, neither about having fame or being recognized. It’s about something else for her.

Success is giving and helping others. I want to help people grow and prosper spiritually, personally and financially.” Rosangelica states.

In 2021, Rosangelica is venturing into the world of restaurants, building a new restaurant with tasty and healthy options for all. She is also in the preliminary stage of her second book. This is a big commitment for her because the first one was very successful, and so she wants this one to impact even more women.

“I am also studying real estate, which is something I have wanted to do for six years. And I am preparing myself with my business Monat. I continue to prepare myself to reach the next level, to be able to better develop my leaders and consequently all the people that day by day trust us to guide them, to reach a better economic, professional and personal future!”

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