Meet Rosangelica Medina Barroeta: The Venezuelan Author And International Life Coach Behind The Book ‘Beyond The Mirror’

Meet Rosangelica Medina Barroeta: The Venezuelan Author And International Life Coach Behind The Book ‘Beyond The Mirror’

Sometimes people’s toughest experiences push them to give the best of themselves, becoming a source of inspiration for others and in turn encouraging them to help hundreds of people.

Rosangelica Medina Barroeta is a Venezuelan born and raised in the city of Valencia, in Carabobo state. At a very young age, she discovered that her passion was writing, so she spent long hours writing stories, poems and even love letters.

“The incredible thing is that this passion led me to my best project, writing my first book ‘Beyond the mirror.’” Rosangelica shares.

In the course of her life Rosangelica lived a series of experiences that messed with the balance of her life. She went through excessive physical exercise, had a poor diet, and used pills and injections to lose weight due to an eating disorder. One day, she decided to move on and recover. 

In the course of her recovery, Rosangelica used her talent as a writer and wrote her story, “Beyond the mirror,” that would quickly become a best seller on Amazon with more than 3,000 copies sold in just the first nine hours.

I love what I do. I love every day. Everything. I am living and I thank God for being able to use my experience as an inspiration to help more people, and allow me to reinvent myself and reach my true self. My greatest purpose is to be able to be part of the solution in someone else’s life!” She states.

Currently, Rosangelica works at a multilevel company. She was motivated by her desire to find financial independence and so she took a job at Monat, a marketing network. 

“When they offered me a job, I did not hesitate. I decided to enter.” Rosangelica adds. “Now everyday, I compete to be a better me, better as a person, better as a woman, better as a mother and wife. Every day I work to be closer to my purpose, which is to stop competing with other women and compare myself, because I discovered that I am my own competition.”

Having been through so many dark experiences, Rosangelica understands that fear is a human feeling that is totally normal and that can actually be an opportunity for improvement.

For me fear is the most spectacular feeling because it makes me feel alive, and when something scares me, it’s because behind that fear, there is a great blessing waiting for me!” Rosangelica says.

On the other side, Rosangelica sees success not as an individual feat or the accumulation of material goods or money, but instead as being able to help as many people as possible.

“Success for me is to be able to do for and give to others. I always want to know how I can help and be part of the solution in someone else’s life!” She shares.

In 2021, she is working on her second book. It is a big deal for her given the success of the first book. Rosangelica believes this one has to be a lot better and be able to impact the lives of thousands of women. In future projects she is preparing for her second book 

“I am also venturing into the world of restaurants. We are building a new restaurant where we want to have options for all tastes and it is a great challenge for me to achieve a balance between super tasty and healthy food.” Rosangelica says. “In terms of my work in Monat, I continue to prepare myself to reach the next level and help achieve a better economic, professional and personal future!

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