Pascal Bachmann is Changing the Way People Think About Business. Find Out More Below

Pascal Bachmann is Changing the Way People Think About Business. Find Out More Below

Pascal Bachmann knew his path in life would lead him to big career successes. He had felt an entrepreneurial urge from a very young age and knew that his path was one destined to help others find their own entrepreneurial spirit.

“Dating back to my first job, the entrepreneurial urge within me was strong. I knew from my first day of employment that I wanted to go out on my own. It was very much the notion of working for myself that appealed to me. Rather, I had ideas. I had vision, and I wanted to be in charge of it. Throughout my career, I have asked myself questions like: “How can I help people?” and “What do others need from me?” and then applied myself to following through and coming up with answers. If I were working for someone else, I may not have that freedom – which just wouldn’t make sense for me in the long run,” Pascal states.

After launching his first business at age 22, Pascal has since launched seven more. The path has not always been easy, but that didn’t ever stop him from pushing to himself to do more. 

“At 22, I launched my first business, and have launched seven businesses since then. Has it been easy? Nope! Have I made mistakes? Of course I have! Through every mistake, though, I have learned something about myself and the world at large. I have seen the highest highs – speaking to thousands of people from stages – and the lowest lows – declaring bankruptcy – and I have taken from every experience a lesson that has made me stronger and more effective at coaching. Without all my wins and losses, I would not be the same transformation mentor that I am today,” Pascal remarks.

Now, Pascal is aiming to change how people fundamentally think about business through his different teaching and business mentality. According to Pascal, people focus too much on just meeting goals rather than finding balance.

“Many business owners make the mistake and just focus on their business goals. While business becomes 80 – 90% of their life’s, they forget to take care of all other areas of life. This can create short-term success. Long-term it ends in a disaster, most of the time.

Distance from kids and family, no real friends, no hobbies, no free time… in other words, no life. And the worst thing is, no health! Why? Because they forgot to take care of all the other areas that need attention as well. They had the belief that the only way to grow big and reach the business goals is to work 24/7, no matter what,” Pascal explains.

Not only does this affect your health according to Pascal, but it also affects the rest of your life. Instead, Pascal inverts this philosophy by making business a part of your life but not the focal point. As he puts it, you need business to be a part of your life journey not the other way around.

“Just as corporate success always begins with personal development, long-term success begins with a clear and holistic strategy. We tend to forget that every business success is created by individual humans or a team. Every dream is reached by a person or a team who made the dream a reality. Every vision finds the initiator of that vision because he was living the mission,” Pascal says.

Pascal’s success speaks for itself through this new philosophy. He has helped numerous business people reach success.

“I have supported thousands of business owners and cooperates to take their success to the next level. In 2021, I will do it one more time and coach 25 hand selected business owners personally. If you are interested, you can apply and contact he’s personal secretary via LinkedIn. Registration closes on April 23th to start in May 2021,” Pascal details.

To find out more about Pascal, you can check out his website here.