Shawnte McKinnon Has Done Everything from Being in the Military to Accounting and Finance. Her Goal is to Give Back to Those Around Her so She Created Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group

Shawnte McKinnon Has Done Everything from Being in the Military to Accounting and Finance. Her Goal is to Give Back to Those Around Her so She Created Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group

Is it more advantageous to have someone who comes from one particular background and is only an expert in that field or to have someone who is an expert in all kinds of diverse fields of work? For Shawnte McKinnon, the answer is clear. Having a diverse background with years of different kinds of experience has helped Shawnte become an incredible entrepreneur that has allowed her to help others.

“I’ve worked in very diverse roles in the accounting, operations and financial sphere. I have experience in grants, accounting, finance and operations. I’ve worked in the private, nonprofit and corporate sectors. In these roles, I learned very quickly there’s no one size fits all approach to sustainability in business. It’s important to have a transient advantage when market demands change, particularly in times of an economic downturn. This is why our solutions are tailored to our clients needs,” Shawnte explains. 

Shawnte has taken the step to help those who are up and coming by providing tailored solutions and business strategies for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs. Her solutions have helped numerous clients reach success despite the current economic climate and difficulties associated with the pandemic. 

“We center our strategies around the operations, accounting, and financials of an organization to strengthen the core of our client’s business to promote sustainable growth and revenue retention. We provide these services through consulting and coaching. We prepare our clients to have a transient advantage within their business to stay competitive and keep skin in the game in any economic climate. We can service clients anywhere in the world,” Shawnte remarks.

What makes Shawnte’s business so unique is that they are not applying cookie cutter formulas to their strategies, but rather they are working with each individual business to make sure their needs are met and they are doing it on a global scale as well! Shawnte calls this method cognitive diversity.

“Having a consultant in place could have saved many organizations from shutting their doors permanently. My business is positioned to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits to survive even when those risks are out of their control. The pandemic also shed an importance of global expansion within the business industry.  Statistics show that “There are numerous benefits of a global economy, which include: Free trade: Free trade is an excellent method for countries to exchange goods and services. It also allows countries to specialize in the production of those goods in which they have a comparative advantage.” So, there’s opportunity for businesses to strengthen their productivity and resources for the community locally and globally,” Shawnte states.

Shawnte has big projects for the year ahead. She details them below: 

“Our focus this year is teaching budding entrepreneurs how to start their business. People reach out to me all the time wanting help with starting their business. I created a 4-week intensive e-course to teach people step by step how to launch their business, the Global Money Mindset Mastery. Additionally, these students will get access to periodic granting opportunities as well as interact with various business leaders throughout the world. We will be bringing leaders from Europe, Asia, Africa, India and so many other places. The students will be getting an accelerated version of business school without the price tag and years of study.”

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