The Youngest Executive Vice President in MLM

The Youngest Executive Vice President in MLM

TMC (The Members Club) choose their VP of sales and manifestly be prepared as a company to have unprecedented growth in the Multi-Level Marketing industry. In the words of the CEO and founder of TMC Mr Francisco Rueda, who quoted the renowned writer and speaker John Maxwell, in an interview where he announced the new VP of sales of the famous community. The CEO proudly expressed: “A leader is one who knows the way, follows the path and shows the way” and that is exactly what our sales VP Mr. Kevin Escobar, the network marketing shark, represents for TMC.

Kevin Escobar Shark

The Network Marketing Shark

Kevin Escobar, “The Shark”. At just 27 years old, he is a renowned Colombian networker, businessman and speaker who comes to TMC as the youngest executive vice president to set a new standard in the multilevel marketing industry. Thanks to his trajectory, experience and results as a leader, he is chosen by TMC to occupy one of the corporate positions in the recognized community as Executive Vice President of Sales in charge of the expansion and the company worldwide. Kevin Escobar has an important track record and experience in the multi-level marketing industry, being recognized by the companies he has been part of for breaking records and creating success stories with his excellence, commitment and leadership. TMC is proud to announce to all of its members and the general public the position of Kevin Escobar, stating that it will spare no resources and tools to empower the talent of its VP of Sales to close big deals based on massive growth. and unprecedented that TMC has as a goal for the next few years. Kevin Escobar states that the concept of TMC captivated him from the first second he heard it and that it is a unique opportunity that he could not pass up. In his words: “millionaire opportunities present themselves to those who are ready to receive them. Only when you have the courage to say NO to the good are you prepared to receive the best”


A club to Create Wealth and Sustainability

TMC (The Members Club), is a decentralized COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY community with a global presence, whose purpose is to teach its members how to create true wealth and sustainability in their lives. TMC has created a complete ecosystem that allows its members to learn, earn and grow at different levels of memberships (Member, Premium, Founder). TMC is characterized by doing what it teaches by participating in the development of DeFi, Web 3.0, metaverse and NFTs projects. In addition, he creates growth strategies in financial markets. Which allows its members to access a system designed to potentiate, maximize and effectively use the resources that the digital universe offers. TMC supports its doing in a clear and powerful vision that has driven every step that the company has taken since its inception. Therefore, it has not been limited in investing the necessary resources to bring professionals and experts in specific subjects to join its vision to carry it out. TMC’s vision is to create a global community of 1,000,000 members by 2026, thus improving the quality of life of 1,000,000 families in the world thanks to its system that allows LEARN, EARN and GROW.

TMC has a corporate team of high level and prestige in different industries.

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