What 2020 Taught Tavion Maultsby AKA Tee The Barber About Passive Income, And What He’s Doing Differently In 2021

What 2020 Taught Tavion Maultsby AKA Tee The Barber About Passive Income, And What He’s Doing Differently In 2021

If 2020 has taught Tavion  Maultsby aka Tee The Barber anything, it’s to diversify his talents. From his early days, Tee was always one to hustle. While he finds “rags to riches” cliche, he finds it describes his situation to a tee – with some exceptions, however, for the major decisions he made along the way that put him on the right path. 

“I came from a background in hair; my mother and father both were hair professionals almost my entire life. It only made sense for me to follow. I didn’t follow their footsteps until I found myself sick of a position that I was working for under a local electric firm in Polk County, Florida. I didn’t have much, I was on my own at the time, and I was put in a ‘fight or flight’ scenario and had to figure out how to make ends meet,” Tee recalls. 

While at the time, this mindset was terrifying for Tee, it certainly set him up for success when the pandemic hit. He saw firsthand how important it was to not rely on one source of income. With his passive income sources and by doing celebrity house calls with his barbershop, he was able to make it through 2020, but looking back, he acknowledges he wishes he had more to do better. 

Tee owns a total of five businesses, and works at the Barbers Inc Barbershop. In addition, he runs a hair product line called Favored Essential Hair Products, a merchandise line called Favored Essential Merch, a car rental company called Lux Car Rental Elite Fleet Motors, as well as his own social media presence on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

“I’m currently working on expanding and creating new products for my organic hair product line called ‘Favored Essentials’. The goal is to create affordable healthy hair products for all hair textures while honoring God at the same time ‘favored”. It was released to the public last year. I’m building some steam with this business and have major plans to scale this operation throughout the country. I’m also working on maintaining a healthier lifestyle because without health none of this could be possible. I’m also working on merchandise for barbers and stylists as well ex. shirts, capes, hats and more,” Tee says. 

In addition, he is in the works of writing an eBook to teach people how to work towards financial freedom throughout their own businesses, set to launch mid-March, as well as a mentorship program focused on passive income, set to launch in the Spring/Summer season of 2021. 

From an outside perspective, it seems like Tee has it all figured out tightly. In fact, a look at his daily routine shows that this is exactly the case, even in light of the pandemic. 

“You should always want to plan on maximizing your day. With COVID-19 impacting all our lives, I’ve taken the time to plan out my day, and educate myself on a piece of knowledge to further advance my career. Having lived a hectic lifestyle for the past few years as a barber, I’ve focused a lot more on fueling my body with a more healthy eating lifestyle to recover from the long non-stop hours at the shop. My mornings typically start with a prayer, and my evenings end with a few pages of reading. I limit smartphone usage to refocus my attention on myself, consuming insightful information and to those who are still around me,” Tee outlines. 

Stay tuned for the rest of Tee’s exciting announcements and developments in 2021.